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On Sunday's, you can pick up our fresh Babka, Challah and more at local Farmers Markets near Culver City.



Rochy Begun,
a mother of three, moved to Culver City from Nyack, NY in 2017,
together with her husband Levi to help serve the needs of the Culver City community.

Rochy's mother started a chain called "Babka Paradise" in Nyack, NY, with four branches on the east coast.

In a short time, Rochy realized that she can enhance the community’s kosher scene with top of the line Babka and more.
She now offers fresh Babka, Challah, Knishes, Blintzes and other universally Jewish foods.
Additionally, she is offering Kosher cooking classes.

Proceeds of Rochy's Babka Paradise profit her continued programs and services she provides for the community. Meal distributions, hospital visitations, kids programs, holiday packages, community events & more.

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