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Welcome to Rochy's Babka Paradise


The babka we had was one of most incredible things I've ever eaten. It was like a chocolate cloud. So puffy, so flavorful, really very delicious. We already finished the loaf and I want to get a few more for thxgiving.


Rochy's Babka was such a delight! The chocolate was rich and baked to perfection! The gluten free cookies were such a great bite, not overly sweet and perfectly baked. I would highly recommend!!


Rochy’s babkas are INSANE - you must try!! You'll never want a Trader Joe's babka again.


The best babka we've ever had! Better than the bakery at home in Jerusalem. Our family is over the moon!


Having tasted Rochy’s babka I can assure whoever orders her babka or any of her other baked goods is in for a real treat.

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